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Below is a brief summary selection of some of the assignments that the Eagle Orchid team has worked on.

Caley Investments Limited

Non-Executive Director.  Diversified maritime group.  Scale - c£35m turnover.

JP Knight (Caledonian) Limited

(Interim, part-time)  Finance Director. Owners of a fleet of inshore tugs and ocean going emergency towage vessels. Scale - initial bank indebtedness c£50m.

Fresh Catch Limited

(Part-time)  Finance Director. One of Europe's largest pelagic fish processors.  Scale - c£40m turnover.

ARR Craib Group


(Part-time)  Group Finance Director.  Transport and Logistics Group.  Turnover c£55m ; c450 employees.

Northbay Pelagic Limited

Non-Executive Director.  Turnover c£40m.  Large-scale fish processing, as part of one of main operators in UK.

Greig Engineering Limited

(Part-time)  Finance Director.  Oil & gas centric fabrication and engineering business.  Turnover c£10m ; c70 employees.

GCG Coatings Group

General industrial coatings, including offshore / subsea metal refurbishment, shotblasting, corrosion protection and fire-proofing.  Turnover £2m.

Project Darwin

Commercial printers.  Scale - c£40m turnover.

Project Davaar

 Industry – large-scale property development.   Role – general consultancy for the Board in its liaison with funders and other third parties.

Project Sakata

Industry - Varied group of international businesses, private-equity owned and centred on global oil & gas industry.  Role – provide general Board-level support to the Group Finance Director.

Project Everglade

Industry – maritime.   Role – liaison with the Board in financial restructuring and funder relations thereafter.

Project Wellington

Industry  - oil & gas industry services.   Role – assistance for CEO and company in negotiations with funders and external creditors.

Project Glendale

Industry – property development.   Role – liaison with the business principals in financial restructuring and relations with external creditors.

Project Roda

Industry – group of oil & gas industry businesses, both manufacture and services.  Role – consulting with Board and key shareholders during refinancing discussion with funders and other parties.

Project Albany

Industry – Offshore oil & gas industry support services Role – Senior management and statutory accountant, supporting Finance Director.

Project Fuji

Industry – Cutting-edge computer-based technology         Role – Temporary financial controller, pending completion of corporate acquisition.

Project Taranaki

Industry - Offshore oil & gas industry support services              Role – Senior management accountant, to support Finance Director during corporate transaction.

Project Yopal

Industry – Group of international oil & gas support businesses         Role – provision of senior management and statutory accountants, supporting Finance Director

Project Calgary

Industry - motor dealership. Role - corporate advisory re negotiations with Pension Regulator re historic defined benefit pension obligations.

Project Finland

Industry - oil & gas related services. Role - general corporate advisory to young and growing business.

Project Hudson

Industry - retail opticians. Role - corporate advisory in sale of 50% shareholding by exiting principal.

Project Lewis

Industry - substantial and highly diversified organisation. Role - advice re aspects of credit management related policies.

Project Pacific

Industry - oil & gas related services, including offshore labour. Role - advice re various matters following acquisition of business from an Administrator.

Project Verona

Industry - oil & gas related manufacturing and services. Role - general corporate advisory re relations with, and sourcing funding from, financial stakeholders.

Project Alaska

Industry – Oil & gas design, fabrication and support services Role – Support board, including Finance Director, through financial restructuring, including relations with secured lenders.

Project Victoria

Industry – International subsea oil & gas equipment design and provision (inc with manpower)    Role - Support board, including Finance Director, through financial restructuring, including relations with a panel of varied secured lenders.

Project Rio

Industry - geosciences, particularly focused on oil & gas industry.

Project West

Industry - textile manufacture (for fashion and high-spec clothing).

Project Hanover

Australian-based oil & gas industry support services.

Project Joliet

Fibre-optic telecommunications & related services.

Project Dallas

Oil & Gas industry support services.

Project Denton

Subsea equipment design, manufacture and servicing.

Project Kingston

Industry - oil & gas sector manufacturing and services.

Project Tampa

Industry - oil & gas sector manufacturing and services.

Project Egmont

Maintenance of data-room in corporate takeover process, and support for the business' finance team in interactions with interested parties.

Project Fairview

Multi-national group with c40 entities - assistance for the business' finance team in group tax accounting, general support in management accounting & financial reporting.

Project Liberty

Assistance for the business' finance team in reporting to US parent, liaison with group statutory auditors ('Big 4'), group multi-currency consolidations, general support in management accounting & financial reporting.

Project Lincoln

General support in management accounting and financial reporting, including review of tax accounting.

Project Paris

General support in management accounting, financial reporting and liaison with external auditors / tax advisers.

Many Assignments

Expert Reporter appointed by various Courts in Scotland re financial matters in issues involving corporates.




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