"Judge not cost, judge net benefit"


  - Chinese proverb.

At Eagle Orchid, we are here to work for and with you. We are commercial in doing so.


So, our charges are commercial, flexible and not only agreed with you in advance but are actually designed with you.


We will never bill you any costs that were not agreed with you in advance. When we say that our initial meeting with you is a free, confidential, no-obligation exploratory discussion, that's what it is -

Together, let's get the job done. Not waste time and energy debating costs, hours spent, etc.



Free, confidential and with no obligation.


Going forward our charges are designed with you and to suit you. They can be based on for example -


• as a percentage of the key desired financial outcomes, or as a lump sum

  centred on  business milestones or other aims of the project.


• day rates


• hourly rates


or any combination.


Our charges can be inclusive of expenses, or not. We will never have hidden or unexpected outlays claims.


You run businesses. So do we. So, you tell us how you think we should be paid.




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