Understanding your business

- what, how and where do you create, or lose, value

Eagle Orchid will bring clarity to the current position and value of your business, and help you to drive the business forward.


We will help you to design and focus on the right management financial reporting and Key Performance Indicators : value-added financial reporting is a lot more than just a monthly profit & loss account and balance sheet.


We will work with you to design and implement strategies to accelerate cash and profit generation in your business, greatly increasing its attraction and value to buyers and investors alike.

Business Performance Improvement

The aim of any commercial activity is to make profit. Cash is critical, but in the medium and long term without positive trading there will not be positive cashflow.


Eagle Orchid work with businesses to achieve rapid and sustainable profitability improvement. This might include -


• revenue optimisation, including identifying new market opportunities,


• improving efficiency and reducing cost throughout the business



• creating tailored financial models to optimise management information

  & control, and overall business financial performance,


• designing key performance indicator dashboards to provide high-level

  visual data (rather than just pages of numbers) for senior non-financial

  management, and


• industry benchmarking.


Cash Generation and Management

Cash is King.


Healthy cash flow is the lifeblood that no business can survive without. It is the resource that fuels growth, and allows you to grab opportunities when they arise. When cash is short, life becomes stressful and problematic. It is the cause of the most common (and painful) of business growing pains.


At Eagle Orchid we have decades of experience in cash generation and management, and in the design and implementation of key strategies, processes and cultures that both generate cash and build a strong foundation for future growth.

Exit & Succession planning

At some stage every business owner will exit from the business, whether by sale (trade or equity investors), by transitioning to the next generation or by winding the business down as efficiently as possible. In any event, the aim is clearly to maximise value on exit.


Business owners should be developing an exit / succession plan long before exiting the business. Doing so typically pays off handsomely. It ensures that key business value drivers are optimised and so that maximum value is achieved, and that important personal and non-financial objectives are delivered.


Planning is critical. Timing is critical. Efficiency of implementation is critical. We understand that. Our role typically might include :


• conducting an initial independent assessment of the business and its current financial position,


• assessing short and long term strategic alternatives


• identifying key valuation metrics, and


• compiling an overall roadmap plan,


all aimed to get the business to the point of maximum possible exit value.




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