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Strong, effective and positive relations with key financial stakeholders ('KFS') are essential. This includes banks, asset financiers, equity investors, credit insurers, key suppliers and many others.


A successful business must have a player on its team who knows KFS' agendas and drivers, someone who can bridge information and communication stretches, is multi-lingual in business-speak and can facilitate positive and effective relations between the business and the KFS.


Only someone who has a deep experience built in actually working with KFS can truly achieve that.


That's Eagle Orchid. We have decades of experience in such situations.


For financial stakeholders, our involvement will bring reassurance to the customer and will ensure efficient and effective relationships, minimising the time and cost that you have to commit to managing your investments and/or lending positions.

Positive and productive relations between a business and its key financial stakeholders are vital.


Eagle Orchid has a wealth of experience in working closely with key financial stakeholders to help them best understand and manage their investments.


Examples of how we can help businesses and their key financial stakeholders include:


Provision of executive or non-executive Directors, or discreet board-level consultants.


We can accept formal Directorship appointments, non-executive or otherwise, on clients' boards. Equally, we will work with the business' senior executives on a discrete consultancy basis.


We also work in such roles for stakeholders such as banks, venture capitalists and independent equity investors, providing representation, investment or lending monitoring, and value-maximisation.



Business Appraisal Services


An Independent Business Review ('IBR') is a vital tool for both management and stakeholders alike.


Whether it is bringing clarity to a confused or stressed situation, or providing an independent view of the current position of a business, along with improvement and value-enhancement advice at key stages in the growth and evolution of a business, an Eagle Orchid IBR will deliver value for business owners, managers and financial stakeholders alike.


Each IBR is tailored to the particular circumstances in hand, and the scope agreed with you in advance. This ensures that the right answers and found for the right questions, without committing time and money to work that is not in fact necessary.





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