A living part of your team

Many advisers will present you with a polished report, perhaps offering advice, but then leave you to get on with it.


Eagle Orchid will be there with you, will be part of your team, every step of the way, whenever you need us.


We can accept formal Directorship appointments, non-executive or otherwise, on clients' boards. Equally, we will work with your executives on a discrete consultancy basis.


Either way, we will be there with you, helping you not only to design but to actually implement strategies and change.


Eagle Orchid will not leave you alone to work through change. We will be with you, standing shoulder-to-shoulder as you wish making it happen.


We design and implement tailor-made business solutions. Below are some of the services we can provide to help you achieve your goals. Please contact us for more information or to set up a no-obligation, initial exploratory meeting.


Temporary senior finance staff

Whether the gap period is through parental leave, one-off project demands (including acquiring a new business, or being acquired), illness, pending recruitment or otherwise, we can provide senior finance staff (all having worked in 'Big 4' multinational accounting firms) to help ensure that your business is effectively and progressively managed throughout.


We will help you to ensure -


• The existing finance team keep on top of their busy roles in the



• Continuation of the timeous production of financial information to

  management, ensuring optimal ongoing running of the business

  despite the temporary overstretch of the in-house finance team, and


• Temporary 'beefing up' of your team with specialist skills, and highly

  experienced personnel.


As with every Eagle Orchid assignment, we seek to contribute to the training and development of your team, leaving lasting value beyond the end of the particular current engagement.

Stakeholder Relationship


More so than ever, it is vital that businesses have strong, effective and positive relations with key financial stakeholders ('KFS'). This includes banks, asset financiers, equity investors, credit insurers, key suppliers and many others.


Whether the business is overstretched, you are looking towards a public or trade sale of it or you just want to be generating better results, profits and cash, KFS confidence in the business and the management team is critical. So is aligning everyone's position, understanding and goals for the business.


Eagle Orchid have decades of experience in such situations, and extensive, deep and positive relationships with many such organisations large and small, local and multinational.


Our involvement will bring reassurance and will ensure that you and your business have the most efficient and productive relationships with your KFS.

Eagle Orchid will not leave you alone to work through change. We will be with you, standing shoulder-to-shoulder as you wish making it happen.





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